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At Ace Expo, we excel in curating exceptional B2B events that foster meaningful connections and drive business growth.





Our Services

Ace Expo provides you numerous services

Customize Lead Generation

Learn how to customize lead generation fits into your marketing and business strategy. We can help you find concrete customize leads for your business.

Preschedule Face to Face Meetings


Take your pick from our tailored packages to capitalize on your experience and foster long-term business relations.

Exhibition Stands


We offer an exceptional stage for organizations to support brand achievement through commitment and significant connections.

Exclusive Networking


We offer a perfect platform for companies to meet and interact with C-level executives around the world. This, in turn, fosters deeper relationships among professionals.

Professional Training


Our featured Master classes connect you directly to the people consistently making the most outstanding work in their respective industries. In an increasingly data-driven and automated world, creativity and building innovations are more in demand than ever. Our Masterclasses bring together creatively curious people from corporate organizations, businesses, and brands around the world.




Through our corporate workshops, we offer organizations and their staff the potential chance to receive the rewards of our one-of-a-kind structure and imaginative environment, giving experience that can be applied to a scope of business settings. We work closely with organizations to give custom-tailored opportunities, guaranteeing that the methodology matches the objectives and more extensive business points of corporate clients.


If you wish to inquire about sponsorship prospects, kindly reach out to:

Taha Bilal

Head of Sales


If you wish to inquire about speaking opportunities, and to book attendee pass, kindly reach out to:

Huma Taha

Head of Marketing

     : [email protected]